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All strats MARKED! :)
If you don't see a comment on a strategy, it's likely because it has a duplicate due to appearance in different modes, and has been marked somewhere else.


This account marks certain strategies with Teroclaw Hatchling to prepare the website for Battle for Azeroth changes.
This is NOT a bot, though will behave like such.

Urgency levels are based on following criteria:
* Access – whether the encounter is always available or not
* Difficulty of the fight itself – mostly how much defensive measures need to be taken
* Expendability – whether it's possible to get rid of that particular strat, including which pets are featured otherwise
* Possible best counters – whether other features of Teroclaw/Bone Serpent are (ir)relevant against the enemy (e.g. racial defense swaps, multiple hits)

Low level usually means the strat can be deleted, except pet dungeons, where we'll be looking for another self-made creature (perhaps Dream Whelpling). Each higher level is a non-1:1 summary of characteristics above, with "Unknown" given when no required testing is available at the moment.

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Viscidus Globule





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