Shadowbarb Hatchling: Do You Want to Hatch a Void Bug?
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Shadowbarb Hatchling: Do You Want to Hatch a Void Bug?
2019-12-04 22:45:53
Just when we thought Blizzard was done adding new pets to the PTR, the latest build has brought a new surprise: meet the Shadowbarb Hatchling!

This pet is a reward as part of a quest chain, combined with hatching it through a progression of daily quests. These dailies and quests are attached to the Assaults, needing specific ones to be up depending on where you are in the chain. The dailies will reward 300 xp, and the unique quests will give 900 xp.

Anywho, let's get started on where you can go to begin hatching your very own bug!

Head just south of the second 'R' in Ankhaten Harbor, coords: 20.81, 62.03

Once you get there, you'll see this:

Click on the egg to get the quest pop-up.

Now, head over to Ramkahen, and meet up with H'partho Ardoros.

He'll then place the egg on the pedestal to his right. The egg will now have a bar above it that says 'Hatching...' and when moused over it displays an 'xp' bar. The bar is set to 5,000 for each of the levels.

Once you turn in The Incredible Egg, H'partho will offer you the quest, 'Match the Hatch'.

This will send you over to two possible areas: Temple of Uldum & Northwest of the Obelisk of the Moon.

Once there, you need to find 7 of these eggs:

The eggs will hatch while you study them, spawning three little bugs. Might have been my gear, but the poison they put on you can do decent damage stacked with their hits. They're not terribly difficult to kill; just watch your HP.

Once you get 7, head back to H'partho.

After that, his chat box will display this:

You'll end this first day with 600 / 5,000 on the hatching.

Day Two: The Hunger

Day 2 with H'parthos offers the quest 'Void Incubation'.

Now, what they mean by areas under assault by N'Zoth seem be where the tentacle-inclined are hanging out, not just where the purple rings on the map are showing up. Just look between Uldum and the Vale, and check for your lovely, opaque blue questing area indicator. For me, I got the Vale:

The Crystallized Void will be little gems on the ground, and look like this:

And I found them around the base of these structures:

If you haven't completed your assault for the day, don't be fooled by the millions of other glowing things hanging about, especially the tomes, which are about the same size.

After you get 10 Crystallized Void, head back to H'parthos.

He tells you not to worry about any side effects from carrying the crystallized void around, but if you, or someone you know, has suffered void crystal-related illness or injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact your local Titan facility for more details.

Day 2 ends with 900/5,000 on the Hatching.

Day Three: Under Wraps

On day, 3, H'parthos tells you your egg needs a nice, sticky blanket with the quest 'Wrapping Up'.

This quest will send you to 5 potential locations around Uldum:

Your quest items will drop from three different enemies: Aqir Voidcasters, Corrupt Egg Tenders, & Aqir Dominators (Elite)

Out of the five areas, I preferred the Obelisk of the Sun. The Voidcasters are around the edges of the plateau, near the egg clusters, and there's less mob aggro from non-quest enemies (in my experience).

Once you find some of these enemies, kill them for their Aqir Webbing:

Then head back over to H'partho:

Once you complete the quest, your egg will change to look like this:

Now your egg is snug as a bug in an...egg.

Day 3 ends with 1800 / 5000

Day Four: In the Cold, Cold Night

On Day 4, H'partho says the cold, desert nights might be too much for our little egg, and instructs you to find something to help it stay warm with the quest 'Warmth of the Sun'.

Once you accept, head over to the Obelisk of the Stars:

Once you get there, you'll head down into the chamber.

Once inside, turn around, and you'll see these three cat-a-taurs around your quest item:

You'll want to kill them one at a time. They do a damage-stacking ability that would probably be quite painful with all three of them adding it at the same time.

Once they're dead, loot the spiky disc:

Head back over to H'partho, and turn in the quest.

At this point, your egg is getting blinged out!

Day 4 ends with 2700 / 5000

Day Five & Six: Here We Go Again

Day five gave me my first daily, instead of outright quest with 'Continued Incubation'.

It was probably just a bug, but the zones didn't display the quest objective area for me. As such, you're looking for the zone that's specifically being Assaulted by N'zoth, not the Aqir, or the Mantids, or any of the secondary forces. Another way to tell, at least on the PTR, is the sky will be purple during N'Zoth assaults, but not from the other forces.

That said, it'll be the same as Day 2. You'll find the Crystallized Void around the bottom of the N'zoth structures that have erupted from the ground, as shown above in the day two part of the article.

Head back to H'partho for your turn-in:

Day 5 ends with your Hatching at 3,000 / 5,000

Day 6 ends with your Hatching at 3300 / 5000

Day Seven: Danger Zone

On Day Seven we get another unique quest, 'Encased in Amber,' to soup up your egg!

H'partho is sending us over to the Vale:

He wants us to grab an Amber Incubator to help speed up the Hatching process. The closest FP in the Vale to the quest objective is going to be the Serpent's Spine in the South-West:

Once you get there, the Amber Incubator will be inside the wall/fort area, in the corner:

Once you click on it, H'partho airlifts it out:

Head back over to Ramkahen to turn in the quest:

Now your egg will look like this:

Day 7 ends with 4200 / 5000!

Day Eight, Nine, & Ten: Over and Over Again

We're back to the Void Incubation daily, but this time the assault was in Uldum, and not the Vale. I found most of the Crystallized Void along the green areas within the purple assault section.

However, it looks a bit different in Uldum. You'll need to find little spots that look like void tears or spills on the ground:

I looked around to see if the Crystallized Void was anywhere else, but nothing jumped out at me.

Day 8 ends with 4500 / 5000.

Day 9 ends with 4800 / 5000! So close!

Day 10 ends with 4999 / 5000... Guess we'll have to see what's what tomorrow.

Day Eleven: Welcome Home

It's time for the big day: our egg is hatching!

Our little structure is all lit up and clickable:

And it's time to greet our new friend!

Naturally, once you hatch your Shadowbarb Larva, it's time to pick a name:

And once you choose a name, there's no going back. I went with a traditional name in the Shath'yar language: Yu'gaz. When I went to the translation page for the Old God language, it either means 'Servant' or 'Faithful', from what I could find. I'm leaning more toward Faithful.

Now you click on 'Complete Quest'.

Once you do that, your Larva gets a whole new area to call their own:

You also get a toy!

I decided to test it on an unsuspecting cat-a-taur, so this is what the toy effect will look like:

Now, back to your larva. Like most newly born (hatched) creatures, your little guy is hungry. One problem: your new pet tends to eat, well, people. Hence the quest, 'A Balanced Diet'.

You can rustle up some grub for your grub in either Uldum or the Vale:

I chose to kill hyenas just south of the Obelisk of the Stars. Once you get your 12 chunks, head back to your new friend:

Unfortunately, he's a picky little thing, and wants nothing to do with the food you've brought him.

So it looks like we'll have to try something else tomorrow.

Day 11 begins and ends with a new bar called Larva, and after the turn-in it'll be at 600 / 5000!

Day Twelve: Try Everything

Day 12 has us trying a different approach: cannibalism, with the quest, 'Meat Alternatives'.

You can choose to smoosh bugs in Uldum or the Vale. I chose to kill the little Aqir swarms. They have four or five of the really easy to kill bugs.

Once you get your meat, head back over to your little guy:

And he does this little feign death animation that scared the socks off me, before he pops back up and wriggles back to his original spot.

We still haven't fed this little guy, but we'll try again tomorrow.

Day 12 ends with 900 / 5000

Day Thirteen: Once More, With Feeling

Alright, we need to get a move on. Our little guy is probably ravenous, and it's only a matter of time before he withers away. Or breaks out of his pen and munches on the denizens of Ramkahen. Day 13 gives us the quest, 'Fetid Filets'.

The N'zoth forces for me were in Uldum:

I just flew around and killed the Fleshbeasts and Tentacle-faced non-elites. Once you get your 12 Corrupted Flesh, head back to your new friend:

And rejoice! He devours everything you put in front of him like the good little void bug he is, and does a happy little flip.

Day 13 ends with 1200 / 5000

Day Fourteen: Let the Children Play

H'partho is worried that our new friend might get bored, so he sends us out to find some toys. In his infinite wisdom, he has decided the religious iconography of the Amathet would be suitable with the quest, 'Action Figures'.

The enemies I found easiest to kill were the archers, but any cat-o-taur will do:

You'll be looking for these:

Once you get 6, return to H'partho.

Your little guy happily moves between all his new toys, and I have a sneaking suspicion H'partho and our new friend won't be the ones picking them up to put them away.

You end day 14 with 2100 / 5000!

Day Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, & Eighteen: Welcome Back...

...to your new daily: More Fetid Filets! Now that we've found what he'll eat, it's time to make sure we regularly feed our new friend.

You have to gather 12 Corrupted Flesh, which can be found on mobs from wherever N'Zoth's forces are attacking.

Day 15 ends with 2400 / 5000

Day 16 ends with 2700 / 5000

Day 17 ends with 3000 / 5000

Day 18 ends with 3300 / 5000

Day Nineteen: You've Got a Friend in Me

Day Nineteen starts with a unique quest, and H'partho thinks our little guy might need some friends to play with, and gives us the quest, 'Bug Buddies':

You'll be heading to the Obelisk of the Moon / Temple of Uldum area:

There were a couple different spots these bugs will be in, some of them will be around camel corpses:

Sometimes they'll be on their own:

Another spot I found was around a large grouping of big eggs, which had a couple of them together.

Once you collect all 5, head back to H'partho.

And now your new friend can have friends, too!

Day 19 ends with 4200 / 5000

Day Twenty: Here We Go Again

And we're back to the Corrupted Flesh daily.

Day 20 ends with 4500 / 5000

Day Twenty-One: Don't Stop Me Now

We get another unique quest today, since I believe the Assaults switched again, and it looks like H'partho wants to speed things up a little with the quest 'Super Jelly'.

Head on over to the Vale, where the Mantid hang out:

And you're looking for these little jars. They might be difficult to pick out amongst all the glowing items for the assault:

Once you get all 8, head back over to your new friend, and offer him the jelly. (Is it just me, or does Blizzard really have a thing for jelly the last couple patches?)

He eats it all ups, and does a little flip. Turn in your quest:

Day 21 ends with 4999 / 5000 again. Eeeee! Hopefully tomorrow brings the pet, and the chain for the mount!

Day Twenty-Two: I'm So Excited

Today's the day! Talking with H'partho offers this quest:

Now all you have to do is click the cocoon...

...and congratulations! You're the proud new owner of the Shadowbarb Hatchling!

This is what his stats at 25 look like:

And this is what he looks like when he's summoned:

But wait! We're not done yet. Next, H'partho offers this quest:

Here's what I observed while doing this quest:

  • You're offered a whistle to summon your hatchling.
  • DO NOT summon him until you're ready to start fighting enemies! He will only be summoned for 10 MINUTES
  • Enemies CAN damage your Hatchling, and I WAS NOT able to heal it.
  • If you die, you CAN'T resummon him. That's it for the day. Since you cannot heal him, I imagine it's the same if your hatchling dies.
  • You get a new bar called 'Hatchling,' and it's once again a bar of 5000
  • Turning in the quest does not give you any additional XP toward your bar

So, how much XP do the different enemies give the Hatchling, you ask? Here's some rough numbers that I tried to catch while fighting. I'll nail them down more the next time this quest is up.

  • Groups of three of the easy enemies, like blobs: 5 xp each
  • Normal enemies: 20 xp
  • Some of the elites I fought: 30 xp
  • Rares: ? I didn't fight any rares, but I imagine they'll be worth 40 or 50 xp

Given this breakdown, I imagine once this hits live servers it would be best to kill normal mobs, and watch for rare call outs.

Day Two for the Mount (23 Overall)

Today's quest involves a pet battle!

This one will be against the Vil'thik Hatchling:

The link to our news article on all the new pet battle WQs in 8.3 can be found here.

The current link for the Vil'thik Hatchling strategies can be found here. If it looks like we'll be going against all the different WQ fights in Uldum & the Vale, we may create a new tab just for the Shadowbarb quest chain. Also, don't forget that hovering your mouse over the 'Alternatives' tab on the right side of the strategy, where the pets are displayed, will show you all the strategies for that fight.

This quest rewards 900 xp on your Hatchling bar.

Day Three, Four, & Five for Mount (24, 25, & 26 Overall)

Honing Instincts is the new daily, and it's the same as Aqir Instincts above.

Your xp will depend on how many and what type of enemies you fight.

  • Groups of three of the easy enemies, like blobs: 5 xp each, or 15 total since they usually group in 3s
  • Normal enemies: 20 xp
  • Elites: 30 xp
  • Rares: ? I didn't fight any rares, but I imagine they'll be worth 40 or 50 xp

Day Six for Mount (27 Overall)

Today offered another pet battle quest:

So, head on over to the Vale to fight this little guy:

The link to our news article on all the new pet battle WQs in 8.3 can be found here.

The current link for the Baruk Stone Defender strategies can be found here. Don't forget that hovering your mouse over the 'Alternatives' tab on the right side of the strategy, where the pets are displayed, will show you all the strategies for that fight.

Once you win, head back to H'partho to turn in the quest:

This quest rewards 900 xp.

What we've learned so far about the quests:

  • Your Hatchling MUST be in the party, and not just summoned.

  • Your Hatchling DOES NOT have to be summoned at all.

  • Your Hatchling DOES NOT have to fight at all, and therefore slot # also doesn't matter.

  • It IS NOT connected to what WQ is up.

Because I died on my first training day, I'll have an extra day of the daily, most likely. Most people will probably see the end of their bar on this day.

Day Seven for Mount (28 Overall)

Another pet battle quest today:

The current link for the Retinus the Seeker strategies can be found here. Don't forget that hovering your mouse over the 'Alternatives' tab on the right side of the strategy, where the pets are displayed, will show you all the strategies for that fight.

Once you win, head back to H'partho to turn in the quest:

Our little guy gets a leveling animation, and now looks like this:

Hopefully, tomorrow we'll get the final chain for the mount!

Day Eight for Mount (29 Overall)

Day 8 for the mount has H'partho telling us our bug friend just might be big enough to ride into battle!

Which sends us over to this sassy cat-o-taur:

He says he can definitely make the saddle for us, but as per usual, we'll need some special materials.

Which gives us this quest:

My N'Zoth-specific assault was up the in Vale:

Now, 'cultists' can mean a few different NPCs, so hover your mouse over the enemies to see who fits the bill. The drop rate won't be 100%, but the armaments are no Zhevra Hooves, either. Once you complete the quest, head back to Blacksmith Abasi.

And it looks like we might be in for a few more days. We'll have to wait and see!

Day Nine for Mount (30 Overall): My Own Drone

Today was the day!

And, finally, the mount!

Congratulations! You now have the Shadowbarb Hatchling & the Shadowbarb Drone!

Aren't they just the cutest? I'm loving the matching looks for the pet & mount.

Well, that's all for now, so until next time: Happy Battling!

From earlier in the PTR:

As Quintessence, Sr. Content Manager for Warcraft Pets pointed out;

"...there's a mount with a similar name, [I'm] guessing it's going to be similar to the falcosaur quest chain (get a pet + raise it = get a mount)."

And here's the mount, the Shadowbarb Drone:

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korem wrote on 01/20/2020

Je ne vois pas encore la quête active? il y'a une période spéciale pour ramasser l'oeuf? Ou la quête n'est tout simplement pas active?