Where on Azeroth is Jenafur?
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Where on Azeroth is Jenafur?
2019-10-25 23:48:44
With the Master away, Moroes will play, but who has he invited to Karazhan this time?

Super, the owner of the Secret Finder's discord, released this announcement earlier in regards to Jenafur:

"Hey everyone,

The following clarifications surrounding the Jenafur secret have been confirmed to the staff team:

- The secret is working as intended, is solvable and does not require a group (confirmed for the current step).

- The first step was to talk to Amara. The second step was the CCL's house. The third step is Kara. It is unknown if going from step 1 -> 3 was a bug, or if it was just designed to find CCL (Crazy Cat Lady, Elwynn Forest) first. CCL does not have anything to do with the solution to the current step.

- The intended solution to go from CCL to Kara was the direction of the 2 kibbles when connected with a line.

I would like to remind people that the staff team do not have any extra inside knowledge and will only post confirmed information from verified sources. While we discourage hints, if one is shared/confirmed with the team then we will post here.

We are happy to take any questions, but the answers will be solely opinions; everything we know is stated above."

So, players, it looks like it's back to Karazhan for the intrepid Secret Finder Detectives.

Will you help puzzle out the mystery surrounding the food found throughout the dungeon? Or will Jenafur continue to elude us all?

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